Data Engineer

Job Locations: USA
Required Experience:2-3 years

Job Description

The Back End Data Engineer develops the back end of a data processing application, i.e
• handling the logic, database interactions, user authentication, configuration, data processing, performance and scalability tuning etc
• The Data engineer implements given requirements as per standard engineering practices and company standards, performs requirements analysis and design, as well as evaluates technologies and patterns suitable for the solution
• The position reports to the software project manager
• Builds prototypes, products and systems that meets the project quality standards and requirements
• Provides technical leadership and documentation to developers and stakeholders
• Contributes to and supports re-use through common components that are well documented and tested
• Provide timely corrective actions on all assigned defects and issues
• Contributes to development plan by providing task estimates
• Design and implement solutions for problems arising out of large-scale and high velocity data processing
• Ensure end-to-end ownership of all tasks being aligned
• Design, build & maintain efficient, reusable & reliable code
• Test implementation, troubleshoot & correct problems
• Capable of working as an individual contributor and within team too
• Ensure high quality software development with complete documentation and traceability
• Fulfil organizational responsibilities (sharing knowledge & experience with other teams/ groups)
• Conduct technical training(s)/session(s), write whitepapers/case studies/blogs etc

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