About Us

We are the industry leader in providing
the expertise and top technical talent.

TechPort IT Solutions is a Full-Service IT firm with a multi-disciplined team that can handle every aspect of business IT. The two sides of our business are Managed IT Services and Talent Services. We are a trusted partner for growing, mid-sized, and enterprise organizations to enable them to achieve their business goals to scale up operations, reduce risk, and get a consistent level of service.

We guarantee to do IT right for businesses. Whether it is managing a company’s entire IT footprint and operations, leading a project, or providing talent – we bring best best practices at every level of service. we have built a strong reputation for understanding customer requirements and recruiting and retaining highly qualified IT professionals


Our profession demands the utmost in professionalism, trust, respect and reliable service in regard to our customers – both clients and consultants – and each other.

Maximize Opportunity

We take pride in offering our clients the very best technical talent in the marketplace. In doing so, we offer our technical talent the best job opportunities. We delight in supporting candidates career goals with the ability to offer some of the best opportunities available.

Foster Innovation

Through the creativity of our employees, we continue to drive new efficiencies and develop new services and offerings for our customers. We are the industry leader in providing top technical talent and we plan to stay at the top.

Nurture Relationships

Our reputation is built on our integrity and is the foundation of all our personal and business interactions. Building and sustaining strong relationships is the key to long-term success for our employees and our customers.

Deliver Results

The commitment to continuous improvement in the tenets above will result in delivering superior results for our customers, our company and ourselves.


We have always been early adopters of technology and have developed a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem to ensure seamless service delivery across the board, for both our employer and candidate communities. Every digital ‘tool’ has been deployed with one goal in mind - to increase productivity and give our consultants more time to do what they do best - build personal relationships and help clients hire quality talent, fast.

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